About Salford Type Foundry

Type design is a formidable discipline, requiring significant amounts of patience and technical appreciation to fully ensure that each of the characters in your creation shares the same subtle nuance, ensuring that your typeface has distinction and character. But this is not always the case.

Here at STF we actively encourage typographic experimentation through manipulation of process, questioning the limits of form, dissecting function and considering probabilities. We are keen to explore and champion the slightly abnormal, deeply irregular, potentially unusable fonts, as well as the more meticulous and considered.

STF was initially conceived as a repository for the typefaces generated by students on all levels of the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course at The University of Salford. It was felt that their typographic investigations did not have an adequate voice.

Beautifully created experimental fonts that were often left languishing on hard drives or in sketchbooks, never able to flaunt their features or personality. It is the intention of STF to expand the repertoire of fonts on its site to that of further educative establishments.

Alongside our ever-growing collection of fonts, we have a features section that aims to showcase all that is current and emerging in the world of Salfordian type, and beyond. Our future vision includes the digitisation of these typefaces for download, both commercial and free, the emergence of a professional design practice that will respond to, and generate, commissioned work, continue to exhibit good practice in innovative ways and showcase the work of inspired and emerging typographers from wherever they hail.